Helios School for gifted children

Challenging and imaginative education to engage gifted K-8* learners.

Who Are Helios Learners?

Does your child know more about sharks…or Greek mythology…or the periodic table than most educated adults? Does she rail at injustice, feel things intensely, or startle you with deep thoughtful questions? If so, your child may be gifted–whether or not she gets straight A’s. Read more.


How Does Helios Serve Them?

Learning at Helios takes place through meaningful authentic projects which may include field work, inquiry, discovery, direct instruction, and interaction with the environment. For example, during a unit on “Nature’s Engineers,” kids took a field trip to a stream and built their own “beaver” dam! They measured and graphed changes in water flow as the dam took shape. Building in groups, they learned teamwork. Back in the classroom, they studied the “fur rush” and the effect the decline in the beaver population has had on the ecology of an area. Later, they visited a community affected by a large beaver dam and surveyed residents on possible solutions for how humans and beavers can coexist.

This project-based learning environment offers the rigor, depth, and complexity gifted learners need. Equally important, Helios children thrive socially. They have a community of peers who are willing to “go deep” and engage each other in their passions. Learn more about our curriculum and the benefits of gifted education.

Deciding on the school that best fits your child is a daunting task. We invite you to discover Helios’ program and to use the resources we have assembled here. We wish you the best in your search!

*Accepting K-7 applications for 2015-16.  There may be a few spots available for the current school year, email admissions@heliosns.org to inquire.