About Gifted Assessment

Helios utilizes qualitative assessment (QA) as a means of evaluating giftedness. This methodology broadens the definition of intellectual capacity beyond what is typically measured on IQ tests–language and mathematical ability.  If an applicant cannot schedule a Qualitative Assessment, or if they prefer to use an IQ test, they may schedule one instead.

QA examines the emotional characteristics known to have a correlation to high intellectual functioning: intensities, sensitivities, intellectual curiosity, and complexity.

To schedule a QA with one of our recommended assessors, please go to the websites below.  These QA assessors will charge $500 for anyone that is applying to Helios, so make sure you let them know that you are applying.  The rates on their websites are displayed for non-applicants.

Qualitative Assessment

Anne Beneventi –
BA, Elementary Education/Special Education; Certified Master Practitioner of Qualitative Assessment (QA) and Director of the AM Roeper Method of Qualitative Assessment for Giftedness.

Linda Leviton – becalmer@aol.com

Please contact Linda for available dates.

Director, Gifted Development Center, West Coast Offices
Author:  Peace Within, Peace Between: Your Relationship Toolkit; Bachelor of Arts – Psychology & Art, with Honors, Pitzer College, Claremont, CA. 1974; Master of Arts – Marriage, Family and Child Therapy, Phillips Graduate Institute, Encino, CA, 1993; Marriage and Family Therapy License, CA MFT #35504