Aftercare and Clubs

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!  In Aftercare, we nurture students beyond the classroom when they need care after school ends. Our Aftercare team is dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming enrichment space that meets the diverse needs of our Helios students. In addition to our Aftercare program, more than 15 different clubs are available onsite throughout the week for students to participate in. Basketball, art, and coding are some after-school clubs being offered this semester! 

We look forward to a wonderful, fun year at Helios!


Helios offers a daily nutritional snack for each child in aftercare. Students participating in after-school clubs are also offered a snack. We are mindful of best-practices regarding allergens, so snacks and other foods will always be nut-free.

We provide student- and teacher-directed projects, extensive options for outdoor play, team building activities and games, music time, and opportunities for artistic expression and academic enrichment on a daily basis. 

The schedule for each day varies slightly based on attendance and weather, but here is what a typical day in Aftercare might look:

3:40-3:50--Free time/Choice
4:05-5:10--Outdoor play (hockey, garden, chickens, cooperative games)
5:10-5:45--Indoor choice time (library or aftercare room)
5:45-6:00--Clean-up party!

Weekly class meetings are held Thursday afternoons to provide an opportunity for students to practice SEL skills and give voice to their thoughts, feelings, and needs. The daily schedule includes a mindfulness practice along with a period of daily “quiet time.”  Also during this time, an academic enrichment space, "Study Hall," will be available for older students to utilize in hopes of providing them the time, space and resources needed to be successful in their academic endeavors. 

Aftercare is offered daily until 6:00pm. Parents can sign up on a yearly basis ($4,000/yr) or daily drop-in basis ($25/day) for an additional charge to tuition. 


After-school clubs are extracurricular elective classes that Helios students may sign up for if they’re interested. We strive to offer a variety of types of classes to expand interest and involvement in things like art, physical activity, writing, and problem solving skills. 

Previous club offerings include:

  • Chess
  • Math Circle
  • Yoga
  • Theatre
  • Coding
  • Quantum Camp
  • LARP (Live Action Role Playing)
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Imagine Lab (tinkering)
  • Music
  • Art
  • Mandarin
  • Hindi

During the school year, there are clubs every day of the week and there are multiple sessions of clubs per year. Children may participate in as many as they’d like, within the guidelines provided for each club (i.e., there’s an art club for older kids and an art club for younger ones).  

Club fees will vary, typically $200-$400 per session.  Parents will register and pay for the classes directly through the club vendor, and will agree to the guidelines and policies set by the instructor.