Head Of School Search

Dear Members of Helios Community, 

Thank you so much for your participation in the conversations with Jennifer and Karen, our consultants from Carney, Sandoe and Associates (CS&A), and for sharing your perspective of Helios’s needs in the next head of school.  Over the past few weeks, CS&A have met with parents, teachers and administrators, students, and the Board to gather input from all Helios constituencies. Additionally, a school wide survey was also conducted. We greatly appreciate your engagement and thoughtful answers to the questionnaires.  

The CS&A team has reviewed and consolidated the feedback provided from these conversations and the survey and incorporated it into a position statement that will serve as the basis for the Head of School search. The position statement is intended to provide candidates a compelling summary of the Helios culture, our goals, and the key challenges the next Head of School will need to address to accomplish them., The position statement also describes the characteristics we seek in the ideal candidate for the role. 

Karen, Jennifer, and the CS&A team are sharing this document with their broad educational networks and have begun actively recruiting and speaking with potential candidates. We expect this initial outreach process to last a few months. As our consultants engage in recruiting, screening, and selecting suitable candidates for Helios, the search will seem quiet from Helio’s perspective. To respect the confidentiality of the candidates, the search committee will not receive the names of the applicants during this period, although I will check in with Jennifer and Karen regularly to monitor recruiting progress.  

The Search Committee will begin to review the candidate materials in early August, followed by selecting and interviewing an initial slate of  semifinalists.  From this group, the Search Committee will select a group of finalists for deeper vetting. We anticipate finalists will visit campus and meet with the community in September. We will share further details and provide a way for you to provide feedback once we are at that stage in the search. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to us should you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Enjoy the remainder of the school year and the summer. 

Jing Tian

Chair of Head of School Search Committee




Dear Members of the Helios Community, 

As we launch the search for Helios’ next head of school, we want to recognize and celebrate Pam’s leadership. Under Pam’s strong guidance, Helios continues to deliver the imaginative education that meets our children’s needs, and the school is on track despite some setbacks. With Pam at the helm this coming year, we anticipate a smooth transition to new leadership in July of 2022.

Transitions provide an opportunity to affirm our ideals and shape our future. As we search for our next head, we invite all of you to reflect on how Helios can evolve and mature to meet the unique intellectual, social and emotional needs of gifted students and families. 

We have had a great experience with the top educational search firm, Carney Sandoe, and their consultants, Karen Whitaker and Jennifer Christensen. Karen and Jennifer ran the Interim Head of School search that brought Pam to Helios, and the Board of Trustees has hired the same team to assist Helios with this important leadership transition. In the coming weeks, Karen and Jennifer will be scheduling meetings with all community members. They look forward to your input and your thoughts about Helios’ strengths and challenges and the qualities we need in our next head to continue to nourish excellence in gifted education. The schedule for these sessions will be sent out shortly, and we welcome and encourage your participation, which is invaluable as we determine the critical skills, experience, and mindset needed in our next head of school. Concurrent with the constituent conversations via Zoom, Karen and Jennifer will distribute an online survey to the community. Your participation in these conversations and the survey will provide important perspectives that will inform the search, and you will also have the opportunity to recommend potential candidates. We are eager to hear from you about your priorities, hopes, and aspirations for our next head of school. 

I am excited to lead this work on behalf of the Helios community. In keeping with the practices recommended by Carney Sandoe and in collaboration with Jason Trip, Board Chair, we have established a nine personHelios’ Head of School Search Committee that includes current parents, teachers and staff, and members of the Board of Trustees. As the Head of School is hired by and reports to the Board of Trustees, the majority of the committee is comprised of Board members, all of whom are former or current parents at Helios: Christian Dubiel, Lillie Stephens, Shawn Sears, Marco Mena, and myself.  We asked Pam to recommend two members of the faculty and are excited to include Linda Zadik and Mike Orlando on the committee. Mike and Linda have served the school with passion and dedication for several years and are committed to the long-term success of Helios. Finally, we invited current parents Jolee Crosson and Yang Chu to join the committee. Jolee and Yang’s history of volunteerism on behalf of Helios speaks to their dedication and commitment to the school. Our work together will include articulating the needs of the school, vetting candidates, acting as ambassadors of Helios, inviting you to meet finalists, and ultimately making a recommendation to the full Board of Trustees. We appreciate this team’s dedication to Helios and thank them for taking on this important work on behalf of the entire community.

We anticipate following this timeline:

We will continue to provide updates as the search progresses.

Jing Tian

Chair of Head of School Search Committee