Message From Our Head of School


I'm glad you're taking time to get to know our wonderful school. Helios truly is a special place for gifted students. Offering engaging and challenging academics is only part of what we do. With a strong emphasis on the internal life of each child, we weave social and emotional learning throughout each day. We teach children the skills and language of emotions, how to become good friends, and be positive and active members in their community. Not only are Helios students intensely curious and intellectually open, they are exceptional young people.  

Helios teachers and staff are passionate about what they do. Supporting children to learn and grow, we get to know each child, learning about their strengths and interests, and what motivates them in the learning process.

In addition, Helios is a lovely family-focused community that provides fun activities to help parents connect with one another. Living in Silicon Valley can be challenging due to the fast-paced nature of our lives, especially now, as we also face an isolating global pandemic. Helios fosters connections between families, school and home. We offer community members social and parent-ed opportunities throughout the year, to help parents learn more about giftedness and how to navigate parenting gifted students.

We hope you will spend time exploring our website to learn more about Helios. Why don't you schedule a meeting with our Admissions Director Susan Stanat? In order to fully understand our school, I recommend a tour (virtual or in-person) so you can get a feel of the place. Helios is a special, special school. Come and see for yourself!


Tekakwitha Pernambuco-Wise, Ed.D.

Acting Head of School