Lower School

Helios School’s rich and complex curriculum fosters not only the development of the intellect, but the social and emotional life of our students, as well.  

"Perhaps the best testament to the impact Helios has had on our kids is seeing their joy and enthusiasm to go to school every morning and how, during school breaks, all they can talk about is getting back to school and their friends. We feel very fortunate to have found Helios."

- Helios Parent

Gifted children have little need for rote learning; they need to be actively solving problems, making connections and using their imaginations. Helios offers a rich, interconnected curriculum that provokes deep thinking, provides a real-world context, and produces meaning. We teach in mixed-grade classrooms and regularly organize students into small ability groups to ensure that students are appropriately challenged.

Students learn through our “Expeditions”, themes that students investigate for a full semester. From the Italian Renaissance to Biomimicry and Mission to Mars. These themes are explored from many angles that allow for students to learn new skills in language arts, science, humanities, reading, and writing.

In addition to their Expedition work, students participate in an Ability based math classes, Electives, PE, and iLab.  Woven throughout all of these experiences is a customized social-emotional curriculum that helps gifted students manage their intense natures and better understand themselves and others.

Preserving the Mind

"Helios is a rich environment for the preservation of the human mind. It is a place where children are encouraged to think critically and creatively to stretch the boundaries of their knowledge and imagination. It is a place where passion for learning is strengthened, where a standard for excellence is encouraged, where curiosity is fostered, where divergent thoughts are fed, and where perseverance is modeled. Much like the movement to save the rainforests, we need to protect and save the human mind. It is important that we do, our species depends upon it."