IQ and Achievement Testing

For students applying to grades 2 through 8

We accept either an IQ test, an Achievement Test or a Qualitative Assessment (QA). Note that if you choose to submit an IQ or Achievement test, you must also submit a set of additional forms as explained below. Please schedule your giftedness assessment as soon as possible to ensure completion before the February 15 deadline.

For students applying to kindergarten or first grade

We require that applicants submit a Qualitative Assessment (QA).

IQ/Achievement Test Additional Forms

If you submit an IQ or Achievement Test instead of a QA, we require that parents fill out the following form in order to give us enough information about your child for admission. The form contains several pages so please allow enough time to complete it. When ready, please upload the form to your Ravenna account.

If you have any questions about selecting or scheduling an assessment, please don’t hesitate to call us at (408) 475-0017 or email