Qualitative Assessment

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The goal is not for children to show how much they know or how bright they are, but who they are."

-- AnneMarie Roeper

We use The Annemarie Roeper Method of Qualitative Assessment (QA) as one of the ways to identify giftedness at Helios. QA is required for students applying to kindergarten and first grade, and is optional if applying for grades 2 through 8. A child can be evaluated with QA alone or in conjunction with an IQ or achievement test. 

Please schedule your QA as soon as possible to ensure completion well before the March 6 QA deadline.

QA was developed by Annemarie Roeper, co-founder of the Roeper School in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, the oldest independent school for the gifted in the United States. In creating the method, Roeper recognized that expert examiners rely on much more than test scores to assess students. A child’s precision with language, strategies used when playing games, ability to focus for extended periods, perfectionism, deep moral concern, emotional intensity and many more traits form a complete picture of a child. There is such a high correlation between these cognitive and emotional traits that QA focuses on them to assess students.

As a first step in the QA process, parents complete a series of forms that provide an introduction to the child and his or her family. The evaluator will then come into the home to play and talk with the child for about an hour. In this relaxed setting, children most often open up and share their interests, joys and frustrations. Following the evaluator’s time with the child, she will meet with the parents privately to share her observations and recommendations.

We at Helios prefer QA for lower school assessments because it provides a more comprehensive view of a child. It’s also a compassionate, child-centered way of assessing young children, who often struggle with paper and pencil tasks. QA is ideal for children who don’t do well on standardized tests or for whom the test ceilings are too low.

Scheduling and Cost of Assessments

Our approved QA evaluators are below. Please contact the evaluators directly to schedule an assessment as soon as possible. For Helios applicants, the cost of the assessment is a flat rate of $500. 

Anne Beneventi

Photo of Anne B

Schedule an appointment with Anne on her website: http://childrenevolving.com

Note: Anne does 1 assessment per day so book early to ensure an appointment time.

BA, Elementary Education/Special Education;
Certified Master Practitioner of Qualitative Assessment (QA) and Director of the AM Roeper Method of Qualitative Assessment for Giftedness

Linda Leviton

Photo of Linda L

Contact Info: linda@leviton.org

Linda is available by appointment on:

Note: Linda is located in Southern California but travels to the Bay Areas to do assessments. Dates tbd.

Director, Gifted Development Center, West Coast Offices
Author:  Peace Within, Peace Between: Your Relationship Toolkit;
BA with Honors, Psychology & Art, Pitzer College;
MA in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy, Phillips Graduate Institute;
Marriage and Family Therapy License, CA MFT #35504