What Our Parents Say

At Helios, we’ve found a highly experienced and thoughtful group of educators—both school administrators and staff—who are firmly rooted in gifted education research and engaging curriculum design. In addition, social and emotional learning for students and families aren’t just side notes at the school, but woven into the project-based curriculum. The brilliant and kind Head of School, the talented Teachers, and committed community of families have created an educational environment that is immensely inviting, safe, and creative. While at the same time, providing challenge, rigor, and remarkable real-world opportunities for learning for students with all kinds of amazing abilities. Here’s the bottom line: our child is learning and thriving.

- Helios Parent (from Great Schools review)

"It's all of the best of what I've seen in education in the last 30 years, all in one school."

-- My mom, 32 year teaching veteran from a high-performing public school (and consummate learner about education!) after spending 90 minutes volunteering in her granddaughter's Hummingbirds classroom this morning.  
She was delighted by all of it... circle time, the math story and manipulatives, expedition/ theme learning, small groups, caring teachers, and, of course, low student/teacher ratio which has long-term positive benefits.  She noticed how expertly the teachers managed the kids who were lively and full of ideas.  She loved being in the classroom and was surprised to find a teacher who used to work for Google! I come from a family of public school teachers and I love public schools.  My older son was in great public schools from K-5.  But what our kids and families experience at Helios is in another league - it's truly awesome!! 
Kudos to everyone who works so hard to make this a wonderful place... 

- Melodie, Mom of a Kindergartener

My 9 year old son is new to Helios.  In a very short time he’s gaining the comfort and confidence to share who he is and what he believes.   I attribute this to the culture of the community, the thoughtful integration of social emotional learning and having the opportunity to explore engaging curriculum along with other gifted children.  

- Jill, Mom of a 4th grader

The thing I like the most about Helios is the way they empower the students to solve their own problems and advocate for themselves. My son had focus issues before coming to Helios. The teachers were great about helping him solve these, by reflecting on the root causes, and coming up with his own solutions. These are skills he will rely upon for life. I am very happy with what he's learning there, but even more importantly, he is learning a lot about HOW he learns. This really sets the experience apart from other schools in my opinion. I am so grateful we found this school. It has fundamentally changed my son's life for the better.

- Helios Parent

After moving to Helios, for the first time in years we have felt free of the suffocating anxiety that accompanies meeting the intense intellectual needs of a profoundly gifted child. Previously, our son had attended a highly ranked, conventionally rigorous private school from preschool through 3rd grade. But at Helios, he is now exposed to an integrated curriculum and intellectual rigor tailored specifically for the processing abilities of highly gifted learners. We wish we had learned many years earlier that highly gifted learners require a substantially different approach than what traditional schools, focused on grade and test score achievement, can offer.

- Jullia, Mom of a 4th grader

If you have a gifted child who needs challenge, but not a “pressure-cooker” environment, Helios is a great place. Our children have thrived there. 

- Helios Parent

How many parents get to hear this at the end of the summer? "Daddy, I'm really sad that summer is ending, but at the same time, I'm so excited to be going back to school." It made my day!

- Helios Parent

We have found at Helios a unique combination of teachers, staff, curriculum and community that, in concert, result in a truly special place. The kids are engaged. They form relationships with peers that are deep and genuine and beautifully complex. 

- Helios Parent

The community of families includes some of the kindest, most supportive and most interesting parents we”ve known. 

- Helios Parent

Perhaps the best testament to the impact Helios has had on our kids is seeing their joy and enthusiasm to go to school every morning and how, during school breaks, all they can talk about is getting back to school and their friends. We feel very fortunate to have found Helios.

- Helios Parent


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