Helios Community Association

The Helios Community Association (HCA) is Helios’ parent volunteer organization. The tireless HCA executive team and volunteers put on events throughout the year to bring staff, kids, parents and families together and offer support.

Informational Events:

  • Parent Education Evenings
  • Parent Coffees once a month   
  • Monthly Evening Group Discussion

Social Events:

  • Summer Playdates and Parkdates 
  • Welcome Ice Cream Social
  • Helios Hikes
  • Family Camping Trip - fun overnight camping for the whole family at Little Basin Campground
  • Family board game nights at school
  • Family Dance
  • Holiday Party - night out for parents and activities for kids 
  • Family Museum Overnight - past locations include Monterey Bay Aquarium and Cal Academy of Sciences.
  • Spring Celebration - night out for parents, teachers and staff to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate the closing of another great school year. This is a catered wine and food event for maximum relaxation.

Staff/Teacher support:

  • Conference Weeks - snacks for staff
  • Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week
  • Staff Development/In-Service Day Lunches 
  • Room Parents 
  • Holiday / End-of-year Gifts (all teachers/staff) - The HCA takes care of gifts so you don’t have to
  • Valentine Cards 
  • Birthdays (all teachers/staff) 

Daytime During School Events:

  • School Halloween Party - costume parade and fun activities for the kids during the school day
  • Earth Day Celebration - earth day activities for the kids during the school day
  • Graduation / End-of-Year Potluck - celebrate the graduating class with a fun potluck at school and welcome the summer

2018-2019 HCA Executive Team

Kimberly McGraw and Nina Raethel (HCA Co-Presidents)
Kristine Zehner and Jenny Chellapilla (HCA Social Co-Chairs)
Tabitha Jordan and Subashree Rajagopal (HCA Hospitality Co-Chairs)
Miranda Zhai (HCA Treasurer)
Elizabeth Wallace (HCA Communications Chair)

About the family camping trip:


New to school and to family camping, we didn't know what to expect. Good thing that we didn't though, as this was beyond anything we could think of :)

Thank you Kristine for making it seem like a walk in the park (which I'm sure it wasn't) and a BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL for being so welcoming. It made all the difference in the world!

I am sure that my kids will cherish this for years to come, as I would, too, as we're already looking forward to making this (but really joining) an annual tradition!"

- Kfir E., Helios Parent