Is My Child Gifted?

If you suspect your child is gifted, you may very well be right.

Giftedness isn’t simply talent or high achievement. Giftedness isn’t a function of how children perform, but rather of who they are. Their cognitive and emotional makeup is truly different from the norm.
All children have the right to be challenged, engaged, and learn something new everyday. Gifted learners have advanced cognitive abilities but not necessarily in every area. They have a heightened sense of awareness and a strong intellectual drive to learn.

Finally, gifted children can be found in every part of society. Because their inner lives and educational needs are so markedly different, they thrive in an environment that understands and meets their needs, where one size is not expected to fit all.

Parents often sense differences in their child first. And although giftedness manifests itself in many ways, most gifted children exhibit several of the following qualities:

  • Learns and processes complex information rapidly
  • Exhibits sensitivity (emotional/physical)
  • Experiences intensity and depth of feeling
  • Needs extreme mental stimulation  
  • Makes and follows own plans, internally motivated
  • Has a strong sense of justice
  • Able to focus intently for long periods of time
  • Prefers novelty over repetition
  • Aware of social and moral issues
  • Interested in death and origins of life
  • Able to think abstractly
  • Exhibits large vocabulary, loves of big words and wordplay
  • Learns independently, and non-sequentially
  • Thinks symbolically, early ability to think in metaphors
  • Concerned with world affairs
  • Has a keen sense of humor
Child in a Yeti Costume

These are the types of characteristics parents notice and Helios teachers recognize as the essence of giftedness. 

The Helios Lower School and Middle School curriculum is specifically designed to enhance gifted development and the gifted child’s unique responses to the world.