Electives at Helios give our students the opportunity to explore new interests, express their creativity and refine their skills in a variety of areas.

Each Lower School student, beginning in Kindergarten, has the choice of art or world language (Spanish or Mandarin Chinese). Beginning in third grade, students select a second elective from a rich menu of options.

Art Intensive

Our Art Intensive is offered three times per week. Students learn about a range of artistic styles, artists and mediums, as well as about art history. They pursue projects in drawing, painting, clay, art sculpture with recycled materials, chalk art and more. Limited only by their imagination, students learn to take chances artistically, challenging themselves to create in new and exciting ways.

World Language (Spanish or Mandarin)

Our World Language classes in Mandarin and Spanish are also offered three times per week. We group students by language ability and are able to accommodate those who speak Spanish or Mandarin at home, as well as students with no prior exposure to these languages. Our classes use an immersion approach: students sing songs, perform plays, create hands-on projects, and complete more traditional exercises to practice both written and oral communication.

3-8 Grade Additional Choice Elective

Beginning in third grade, students select a second elective each semester from an ever-changing rich menu of offerings. These classes provide a terrific opportunity to explore new interests and learn what they like. Past electives include electronics and soldering, gardening, jewelry design, sewing and knitting, choir, newspaper, literary magazine, and music video production. Electives give middle school students necessary opportunities for exploration, enrichment and extension.