Physical Education in Middle School

Gifted students have a strong preference for learning through stories, so in fifth and sixth grades, we offer a unique Physical Education program: Live Action Role-Playing, or LARP.

This program combines sports, drama, and table-top role-playing games into an immersive experience that our students adore. Each student assumes a character in a medieval fantasy and acts out a scenario introduced by the instructor, improvising and responding to each other as they go. The games often involve battle, which students simulate using padded props. LARP is a physically active, dynamic, and highly imaginative game that also serves as a tremendous teaching tool for social-emotional learning. 

In seventh and eighth grades, our Physical Education program features the SPARK curriculum (Sports, Play, and Active Recreation for Kids), recognized as an Exemplary Program by the U.S. Department of Education.

Our students develop their fitness and athletic skills through a wide array of games, dances, and other activities — everything from learning the electric slide dance to two-pitch stickball. We integrate academic and wellness concepts throughout, and work to make sure each lesson is inclusive, highly active, and most of all, fun.