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At Helios, Humanities and Science are integrated into our cohesive and highly engaging Expeditions.  

Activities woven throughout the themes provide the depth, complexity and relevance that gifted children need to fully and joyfully learn.

The Science Curriculum at Helios covers concepts from the Next Generation Science Standards for grades 5 - 8, but with a crucial difference -- we integrate everything into our themed Expeditions (See Curriculum Overviews). Children have a particular affinity for learning through stories, so these Expedition themes ignite their imagination and help them see connections to science in their everyday lives. 

In an Expedition called “Making Waves”, for example, our students spent the semester studying communication and journalism. In science, they first learned how sound propagates from mouth to ear. Then they built a telephone system for our Wilderness Village, and in the process discovered the sound transmission properties of various materials. Students studied how radio waves are generated and travel from a transmitter to a receiver. Finally, they analyzed several examples of science reporting to see how scientific messages can be distorted, and in response created a radio show teaching the public to beware of misleading science reporting. 

With these absorbing semester-long studies, students are gradually introduced to the building blocks of science. They learn the fundamentals of the scientific method and come to view science as much more than a collection of facts. Science is a way of helping the brain grow, of finding new knowledge, and helps students satisfy their curiosity about how the world develops and works. Science is a way to understand the physical and natural world through observation and experimentation. 

These themed lessons give gifted learners a compelling need to know, and provide them with the depth and real-world application they desire.