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Helios provides a meaningful and challenging education for gifted students in grades K-8 through a dynamic curriculum that ignites excitement, develops deep thinking and stimulates connections in an engaged and caring community.

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Helios will be using the Six Seconds’ programs and tools going forward. I founded Six Seconds because I wanted to support people of all ages to create positive change. Our world will be made better if we all practiced the skills of emotional intelligence (EQ)! At Helios we will engage the entire community in this practice and make sure students, teachers & staff, and parents are developing their skills alongside one another.

OUR STUDENTS: This year, Helios will boost Social Emotional Learning in the classroom through dedicated lessons and integrated curriculum. We will administer the SEI-YV assessment which provides feedback on a child’s EQ within a framework for growth and development. SEL is teachable and we will continue to check in with the student periodically to assess their progress. Research shows that EQ scores predict performance on critical life success factors like relationships, wellbeing, life satisfaction and personal achievement. For children in particular, EQ has been linked to success both academically and later in life. 

OUR TEACHERS & ADMINISTRATORS: Our Helios teachers will also be invited to develop their own EQ skills (through teacher training and development opportunities) and I expect to  see renewed energy and a sense of purpose, as they re-discover the power and joy of connecting to students and to each other in a learning community. Our SEL initiative will also allow administrators to hone powerful leadership skills and use these skills to nurture all stakeholders. It will allow administrators to craft schools and communities that support the development of caring, compassionate, motivated and successful individuals, friends, family members, and engaged citizens of the world.

OUR PARENT COMMUNITY: Last but not least, our parent community will also have opportunities to get tested, learn EQ skills and tools and connect with other parents on this journey. 

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